Sugar & Soul Photography

When it comes to your special day . . 
. . It's all about the details that make it uniquely YOU. .

From the bouquets, and the boutonnieres, to the centrepieces that adorn reception tables where all loved ones gather in celebration - these are no ordinary flowers .
These are the once in a lifetime designs that have the opportunity to be an extension of who you are as individuals, and a united couple . 

Fache Floral Designs is built around this motto - the design is in the detail . That, and the relationships that are built with clients . 
It is incredibly important to me to develop a connection with my couples, so they feel strength in the trust they place on me to create floral designs that will add to the decor that defines their special day .

As a designer in the industry for nine years now, and a solo company for three of those years, I've seen many a style pass through my hands - be it woodsy, earthy, vintage, retro, boho, organic, garden, whimsical, contemporary - you name it, I've probably done it! 
But what makes me love my job, is that every time I design something - it's always different . 
And I really love different .

Having the ability and opportunity to design something as personal and special, as the unique florals for a couple's wedding . . is something I never take for granted .

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